Today the shop consists of 3 large buildings stocked floor to ceiling with an ever-changing mix of fabulous merchandise from over 35 active dealers.

Owner Esther Glick also hand selects much of the merchandise available in the shop, searching for great finds at auctions and shows all across the country.

About Us

The Antique Village of Strasburg is a unique shop offering an eclectic mix of quality antiques and collectibles of all shapes and sizes. Everything we sell is at least 50 years old and has its own story to tell.

The shop is located in the heart of historic Strasburg in the PA Dutch Country of Lancaster County, PA. Shop owner Esther Glick opened Antique Village of Strasburg over 15 years ago and built the business on her passion for antiques and collectibles.

Our friendly staff greets each customer as they enter our shop. We take pride in keeping our store neatly organized, always grouping similar items together to make it easy for customers to browse the store and discover unique treasures.

If you love antiques, collectibles or vintage furniture, we invite you to plan a visit to our shop today and see the treasures that await you!